Welcome to The Center for Health and Healing

Melanie Ryan, LCSWR

Welcome to Westchester County's premier Holistic Learning & Integrative Wellness Center located in the HEART of Mount Kisco, NY. Our goal is to HEAL the human mind, body, and spirit so that all beings may be FREE from suffering and the causes of suffering.

Our vision is to provide health and healing options not currently offered by conventional medicine. Our mission is to SHIFT the current approach to physical and mental health from symptom management to healing. Our Integrated Wellness Center offers a collection of 13 diverse practitioners, providing alternative options for healing mind, body, and spirit. Some of our services include: Integrative medical consultations, alternative medicines, holistic psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, nutrition counseling, energy healing, body therapies, pain management, meditation, fitness training, and yoga.

Our Holistic Learning Programs provide workshops and professional trainings facilitated by world-renowned speakers on health and wellness. We offer ongoing classes by master level therapists and healers to help you develop a better understanding of your overall health.


Melanie Ryan, Owner