Welcome to The Center for Health and Healing

Melanie Ryan, LCSWR

The vision of The Center for Health and Healing is to integrate ancient healing methods into the modern world through education and healing experiences. Our mission is to synchronize mind, body, emotions, and spirit as one interconnected thriving system.

Melanie Ryan, Founder & Director

Upcoming Events

Moving into Meditation
with Melanie Ryan

Thursdays, March 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th
11am - 12pm
Location: Quest Yoga Arts Studio
               11 East Main Street, Mt. Kisco

In this class, we will use yoga to open the chakra energy system and release energetic blockages and muscle tension. We will then flow into a sitting meditation practice to train the mind to be more present, cultivating mental strength, stability, and clarity. This class synchronizes mind, body, and spirit.


The Healers Lounge
A Holistic Networking Event

Friday, April 10th
Location: Quest Yoga Arts Studio
               11 East Main Street, Mt. Kisco

A networking event for Holistic Therapists and Wellness Practitioners. Please bring business cards, flyers, and materials to exchange with others. No fee.


Making Friends With Yourself
with David Nichtern, Senior Shambhala Teacher

Wednesday, April 15th
Location: Quest Yoga Arts Studio
               11 East Main Street, Mt. Kisco

Many beginning meditators experience fear and aggression toward themselves and that can make it really challenging to experience deeper insight and compassion. If we are going to undertake such a journey - getting to know ourselves more fully - it is essential to be gentle and kind toward ourselves and be willing to start exactly where we are.

The workshop will include meditation instruction and practice, dharma talk and discussion. All levels welcome.


Connecting to Your Guides and Masters
with Michael Rosenbaum

3 Week Series - April 30th, May 7th & 14th
Thursdays, 6pm-9pm
Location: The Wellness Center
               153 East Main Street, Mt. Kisco

Deepen your intuitive abilities to gain inner peace, guidance, and a soul-inspired life. In this workshop you will experience how to clear confusion and fear of the ego personality so you can connect with your Spiritual Guides and Masters. Learn techniques and meditations to help you connect with your guides as well as selecting particular guides. This workshop series will assist you in developing and deepening your ability to connect with guides and stay connected throughout the day. For all levels.


LILA, the Divine Play of Life
with Jurian Hughes

Sunday, May 17th
Location: Quest Yoga Arts Studio
               11 East Main Street, Mt. Kisco

Ancient yogic texts describe lila as the play of the Divine, who creates freely, for the pure joy of it. Come discover the freedom and power of embracing your spontaneous, unpredictable lila spirit through yoga, movement and sound.